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In parc cu mama

Somn profund #sleep

Salata de fructe ca la tata acasa #fruits #desert #healthy

The result of combining 007 and Mozart

Supa de linte #mancare #food

Facebook is Spam!

For a while I suspected that Facebook likes pages on my account (as if I click the like button on those pages). Today I noticed another page that apparently is liked by me and 5 friends of mine. One of those friends doesn’t even use his Facebook account. It seems to me that this is a spam behavior enforced by Facebook.

Mushrooms with pilau rice #food

Happy guy

Ora de somn

New reading material for me and irinacrivat

Soup dumplings #food #galuste

The hero of the day

Cu viteza in 41

Winter sunrise in #Onesti #Romania (February 28, 2008)

A few years ago in Onesti, Romania #wood #timber #workers

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